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Official World Flying Championships Magazine
Official Flying Championships Magazine
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16th World Precision Flying Champions celebrated in Herning

The World's Best Pilots:

1st: Krzystof Wieczorek, Poland
2nd: Peter Opat, Czech Republic, (left), and
3rd: Waclaw Wieczorek, Poland. Krzystof and Waclaw Wieczorek are brothers
Czech Brothers take the title in
Rally Flying 2004
More brothers
in the air

Jiri and Michal Filip of the Czech Republic - individual World Champions of Rally Flying 2004 in Herning Denmark.
The World's Best Rally Pilots

Jiri and Michal Filip of The Czech Republic, in 2nd place Cihlar Frantisek and Milos Fiala, also The Czech Republic, and 3rd Krzystof Wieczorek and Krzystof Skretowicz of Poland (right)
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